Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fiercely Independent

This child is fiercely independent. AND perfectly capable of doing most things by herself.

Here's a little example...

The latest in many potty training attempts, is to let Em play a game on the computer (or my iPhone) if she goes potty and stays dry. After a short tutorial on using the mouse, she was playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse games like a champ! After a few days of this, I started catching her on the computer when she wasn't supposed to be on there. She found and opened Paint and was drawing away. (BTW- I didn't show her this) Then I started catching her on the internet. So I started shutting down the computer completely. Today, I turned the computer off, and about 10 minutes later, walked back into the room. Em had turned the computer on, gotten on the internet and back into the game she was in before. Needless to say, the computer now has a password (as does my iPhone). Nothing is safe around here.

I think that is an amusing example of her capability. An annoying one? I've got those...

She INSISTS on getting in and out of the car by herself. SLOWLY. And if I pick her up and put her in, she will scream until she can get out and get back in by herself. Says, "I DO IT MYSELF!" This really gets annoying when I'm in a hurry.

Climbing on the counters to get her own cup, wiping herself, getting her own snacks, folding laundry...

The only thing she doesn't think she should do by herself is clean her room, that's when I get "Mommy, I NEEEEED help!"

My friend, Regan, tries to tell me that one day I'll be glad to have such a strong willed, independent child. But until that day arrives, I'm trying to keep my hairpin temper in check with a new mantra "She's only three, breathe, 1,2,3,4..., she's only three" repeated ad nauseum.

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