Friday, March 30, 2012

Emma Stories

It's been a while since I've posted. We've been boring around here. Or I've just forgotten to take my camera anywhere... So I'll just tell a couple of Emma stories.

Yesterday, the whole family went to the trail to run/walk. Em LOVES to go to the trail. She's a country girl at heart, loves to be outside. We did not take the stroller, and let me tell you that little girl pretty much ran the entire TWO miles! Clinton and I alternated running/ walking every other 1/10 mile (there are markers). I ran, and he walked with Em (who was running her speed), then I walked with her and he ran... Em stopped us every few tenths to coach us on stretching...

"Alright, I'm the teacher. Back-up. Back-up, Daddy! Now... do this! Hands up. Flap your arms. Spin around. Hop up and down!!"

The man who was unfortunate enough to be behind us most of the way, said she was our cheerleader AND our coach. I really wish I had a video camera. She was hilarious.

When we got home, I was pretty much dead, but Em was NOT tired! She was determined to take care of me (like she did when I was sick). She was not happy that I did NOT want a hot bath or hot chocolate. The whole concept of  a cold shower and ice water did not appeal to her!

Today, I asked her what she wanted for lunch.

Em: I want cereal!
Me: No, you need real food for lunch.
Em: (whiney voice) We don't have any real food. All we have are vegetables and snacks!!
Me: Laughing...

Never a dull moment around here.

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