Monday, March 12, 2012

Colt's Bouncy Army Party

I am not a clean as I go person. And unfortunately, I have become a person who doesn't blog as I go, too. So now, I'm writing make-up posts. I could write about today's play date field trip first. Then I would have catch up on the the weekend posts later, but that wouldn't be in order, and that would upset my OCD. So please excuse the next 3 make-up posts! 

Emma's good friend, Colt, turned 4 this weekend! His party was at gymnastics!

Note: the lighting in the gym was weird, so there are a lot of red eyes... and I'm too lazy to fix them. 

What little boy doesn't love camo & soldiers?
Emma & Livi running wild!
Getting their "marching orders"
Birthday boy, Colt!
Little Rory just bailed off into the pit!
Ace almost got lost in there!
Me & Em jumping!
Just a little fit.
Ready for cake!
Happy Birthday, Colty! We really enjoyed your party!

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