Saturday, March 17, 2012

Case of the Body Snatchers

On Jan. 29, less than two months ago, this was my Facebook status:
"Em literally just said "Mommy, I'm scared of my shadow!" oh Lord, what am I gonna do with this child!"

Tonight at the circus, Emma was apparently body snatched and replaced by a fearless child. That is what had to have happened because MY child has never wanted to do things like ride ponies, or CAMELS, or ELEPHANTS!!! 

First, a pony ride!

Then the train!

The giant slide with Daddy!

Climbing it like a monkey!

This time she didn't wait on Daddy!

Giving everyone a good show!

And again!!

Another train ride with Payton!

Aww! Cute friends!

Haydon & Ace!

Then she rode the camel!

Clinton asked Ace to hold on to her!

Look at that face!

And this one!

Another pony ride with her friends!

Circus time!

What's a circus without snacks?

Sticky face!

My sweet girl!

Just can't contain her excitement!

And it starts...

The elephants are my favorite!


During the intermission, she decided she wanted to ride the elephant... if I came with her!

Really, I wanted to ride it anyway!

I just love the elephants!

The big finale... for me anyway!
I don't know if this fearlessness will last, but I hope some does! Maybe we'll find a middle ground... I don't want her being too fearless!

Today has been a blast between the circus and the egg hunt. Remarkably, we haven't had any big meltdowns! We can mark this one down as a success!!

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