Monday, March 12, 2012

Play Date Field Trip

Today we were crazy.... we loaded up 8 moms and 14 kids and went to Sherman. We hit up Chic-fil-A right at the busy lunch hour. It was pure chaos.

So much so that this happened...

Yeah... that's ketchup. I stepped on a full packet and smash. Craziness that you can only laugh at!

Then the lot of us headed to Jump'N Land. Em called it the "jump jump place". The kids ran wild on slides and bounce houses.

Could you deny those eyes?

I was noticing that I don't have pics of several of the kids. They were off having so much fun, they didn't even get caught by my camera!

The kids had fun and the moms were exhausted. Successful day?

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  1. Had a great day today Kayla! Although I am ready for bed, my two boys will not settle down to sleep!! :)