Monday, April 2, 2012

Made to be broken... Plans AND Rules!

Today was a total change of plans from what I had intended to do.

I planned to get up early, workout, work, housework, then go to Em's first t-ball practice this evening.

I did get up, but my treadmill wouldn't work. So I didn't workout. Later, Em asked me why the treadmill was pushed out from its normal spot. I told her it wasn't working. She went right around and pushed the reset button (which I didn't know existed), and it came right on. I'm still shaking my head.

Then my friend, Regan, asked if we wanted to meet for lunch. Might as well, I didn't work out anyway! It was chaotic and fun with 4 moms and 7 kids trying to eat at a "sit down" restaurant! Next time, lets leave the kids at home, girls! ;)

On the way home, I told Regan to let Colt come over and play. That way PREGGO could go take a nap! AND Em and Colt could play before practice this afternoon!

And play they did! Best part, they entertained each other, so I did actually work for a little while!

BUT they played in Em's new sandbox! With PURPLE sand. Why hasn't anyone ever told me that the whole sandbox thing wasn't a great idea?

Oh, but the kids loved it!

*Sorry about the poor quality! Phone pics!*

The rules were
#1- do not throw sand at each other 
#2- do not pour sand out of the box

And then there was the aftermath!

Poor turtle looks like he bled purple.... Rule #2 broken...

I REALLY wish I had taken a picture of Em's head. AND Colt's head, for that matter. I think the kids might permanently have purple scalps. Rule #1 broken... oh, who cares, anyway!

So much for the rest of the day. It's pouring rain, so t-ball practice is out. We could still go to gymnastics, but Em played herself out and is sound asleep. Guess NOW I could do housework... nah!

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