Thursday, April 12, 2012

Em's First T-Ball Game!!

After only one practice (yikes!), the Dragons took to the field to take one the Blue Jays!

Ready to go!

Coach Daddy & Emma
Since this is a learning league, the bases have squeakers in them. Yes, squeakers!! Every time a kid got on base, they jumped up and down, up and down, squeak, squeak, squeak... ARGH!

Of course, Emma was all over that!
Then it was game time! 

Em played "out" field!
It was so funny! Every time the ball went past Em, she would stop at the edge of the dirt. She did not want to run into the grass for the ball! But if someone else got it, she'd cry "I was going to get that ball!" and bury her head in her daddy's leg!

Then the Dragon's were up to bat!

Colt's first at bat! Coach (Daddy) pitch!

Emma's turn! She was not interested in trying the coach pitch!

Running to first! (After a brief detour!)
Then it was over...

Good game, good game, good game...

good game, good game, good game...

One last huddle... GOOOO DRAGONS!
The whole thing was so darn cute! I can't wait for next week's game!

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