Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emma + EB= BFF

Well, I think that title might be a little one-sided. I really doubt EB would say that statement is true.

I have written before about how our household grew by one... one bunny. EB, the bunny.

Emma LOVES him. Wants to hold him, pick him up, chase him around the yard, feed him carrots, give him water. Just about anything with EB, but clean his cage. Which I get to do.

EB really doesn't want anything to do with Emma. How many tiny, fragile bunnies would want a wild two-year-old manhandling them all the time. NONE!

Here are some of Em & EB's adventures...

She had him captured in her playhouse. I had to rescue him.

Yeah, he looks sooo happy!

Em thought he wanted to go for a drive :)

But he ran away :(

Em thought it was great fun to chase him :)

I'm sure he loved it when she caught him :/

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