Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We had some family pictures made today! First time we've ever had any made of all of us together. We've done Clinton and Emma, me and Emma, Emma by herself, and more of Emma, but never any family pics. Weird, huh? My cousin-in-law, Jeremy, of JL Fotoz, took them for us. He has taken a few of Emma before (note the tricycle picture in the right corner of the blog), but Em was super bad that day, so we didn't get many good ones.

Anyway, I had the BRILLIANT idea of her "fishing" in the fountain downtown! So while Jeremy was doing his thing, I snapped a few with my camera.

I just thought this idea was fun! Emma really enjoyed it too!

Oddly enough, Jeremy and I have the same camera! But I don't know how to use the functions on mine. Or edit. And I'm too lazy to teach myself. I even have the "Photoshop for Dummies" book. Apparently, I'm a super big dummy! :)

I'll post some of the final pics once they are done!

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