Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

I had a great Mother's Day weekend! Here's a little recap!

First thing Saturday morning, Mom, Emma, and I went to Honey Grove to visit my mom's parents, my Grandma and Grandpa. We visited with them a little while, then came back home in time to go to lunch with my MIL, Sherri. After lunch, Sherri took Emma home with her while I finished up the cupcakes and cake balls that I posted about earlier.

Later that day, we headed to Cuthand! We had a family get together to welcome Chance home! He's officially out of the Marines!

Kendra and Chance

Nakota showed out for the camera!

The Old Folks

Memaw (Peggy), Aunt Shirley, Uncle Don, and Aunt Sis (Valerie)

Emma playing with Aunt TeeTee.

Sunday was Mother's Day. It was so great! Clinton gave me the day "off". He took care of Emma and the house for me all day. I didn't change a diaper, fix a sippy cup, clean anything, or cook! I just relaxed and spent time with Emma and Clinton.

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