Saturday, May 21, 2011

Water Babies

We went to Kirk's 7th Birthday party tonight. Since it rained last night, there was a puddle on the concrete. Of course the kids played in it. Emma was no exception, and more than likely, the ringleader of the whole ordeal.

It all started when Emma and Kinsley showed off their matching shoes. To get them to stand still, I suggested they stand in the water! I guess it is all my fault!

Things started pretty tame, just walking in the water.

Then the shoes came off!

They walked back...

and forth!

Then the speed picked up a lil bit!

Next thing we know, they are sitting in the water!!


I showed Emma how to make hand prints.

Everyone took a break to watch Kirk blow out the candles

and open presents.

But Emma was more interested in playing with the water shooter they all got.

Once hers got dirty, though, she wanted a new one.

She didn't really understand how to get the water inside!

Then things really started to get wild!

I don't think Brodie appreciated getting sprayed!

This is when I forbade them from spraying in my direction!

And this is how Emma had to come home! She was soaked!

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