Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up Post!

Sounds better than yet another catch up post. And let's just ignore the fact that it's been more than one week that I'm catching up on!

I'm going to skip forward and write about the past few days first. Feel the need to whine a little. Don't tell Emma, to her that is a NO NO! I've been feeling bad all week. Clinton came home sick Tuesday, and gave. it. to. me. I, finally, went to minor emergency Friday, and I have STREP! It is turrible, turrible I tell you! On top of that... my insomnia has reemerged big time! I know it probably started out due to me feeling so bad, but I started waking up at 3 am and not being able to go back to sleep. Last night, I never went to sleep. Well, I'm lying. I went to sleep sometime between 9-10 am and slept for a couple hours. Feeling exhausted, I was confident I'd be able to sleep tonight. In fact, I took a sleeping pill to make sure. Laid down, closed my eyes... then started having what I'm describing as anxiety attack symptoms (mild ones. I've had an anxiety attack before, I remember :(...) I jumped out of bed and ran into here (Man Cave, where the desktop is), calmed myself down. I think I was just so stressed about getting sleep, I caused anxiety about it. So... here I sit. Blogging. Not sleeping.

Ok, pity party over. I'll sleep when I'm dead, right?

The past couple of weeks have been pretty boring and routine around here. But here is a couple of pictures of my cute kid to make reading about my terrible ordeal through my whine fest worth it!

Em and I cleaned out the craft closet, and she found some of the printable activities that I had stored in there. Of course, we had to do them!

I think my storage for these little games is SO CLEVER, don't you?

And now some random phone pics!

We spent as much time outside as we could last week when it was nice out. 

She dressed herself. Don't judge me.

It's ELECTRIFYING! Name that movie! Ha!
My ballerina at dance class!

Pretend cooking with real ingredients made a resurrection.

Yesterday, loaded up on antibiotics, I snagged a last minute (like within an hour) Mini Easter Photo Shoot at the local baby store!  Hope I didn't infect anyone! :/ I tried to stay away from everyone and was in and out as quick as I could!

My pretty girl!

Em has been busy coloring pictures for me to make me feel better! Sweetie! 

All caught up, so now I'm going to go give my bed a second chance! Night!


  1. I sure hope you start feeling better soon. Emma's Easter dress is so cute!! Where did you find it?

    1. Sorry I haven't responded!! It's Matilda Jane!