Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's so Rewarding...

Parenting, that is. Or it is when you are not constantly bumping heads with a whiny, headstrong 4 year old. It's been bad, people. Really bad. I, even, took her to the doctor yesterday for some really mild symptoms, hoping that I was missing something and her behavior was due to her not feeling well. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with her. Besides being so spoiled and stubborn and whiny and headstrong and on my nerves.

Last week, I spied this little reward chart on Pinterest and thought we'd give it a try. It works! And it doesn't. 

As you can see, some of the tasks are going great!  Some not some much. See the little lonely sticker on the "No Whining" task. Sigh. The chart is helping, though! She has brushed her teeth with no fight all week, and she got her last "keeping her panties dry" sticker today! AND the "Sleep in Her Bed" task is going pretty good! That's one we didn't expect to happen, that's why we put the biggest prize on it! Our scheme backfired a little, but that's ok!

We are still working on this chart until she finishes everything (Please, please, PLEASE let her get the "No whining" stickers!) But I just added a second one, with the same tasks, except the no whining since she still has so far to go. I added "Set the table" in that place. We all sat at the table and discussed her jobs and rewards. I even let her pick the rewards for the second chart. Please pray, for my sanity, that this works!


  1. Good luck Kayla. My E is bucking up and really testing the waters at 2!

  2. Whining is the WORST THING EVER. It seriously drives me nuts. When my son (3.5) whines I tell him that I don't understand whining, that I only understand regular big boy talk. I don't respond to him until he changes his tone. And if he keeps whining, he has to go to his room until he decides to talk in his "big boy voice." I don't know if you've tried that or if it might help... but I thought I'd let you know what works for us!

  3. Our Emma is quite the little whiner as well! We just recently started a behavior chart, and so far I think it's working pretty good. As soon as she starts acting out or whining I mention the possibility of not getting a gold star and for the most part she stops. However it's all pretty new, so it will probably change very quickly! Good luck!!!