Thursday, March 28, 2013

Practically Perfect

Emma has loved Mary Poppins since... well, since I MADE her watch it. Mommy knows best! So when we saw that the Broadway musical was coming to Dallas Summer Musicals, we had to take her!

We picked her up early from school Tuesday, and headed straight for Dallas and the hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Anatole, which was beautiful! Emma was just as excited to stay at a hotel as she was to go to the play! We always have to unplug the phones, so she can work!

Em had informed me that she didn't want to go to a kid restaurant. She was dressed up, so she wanted to go to a FANCY restaurant. We were skeptical, but we came up with a good compromise. Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian steakhouse, but it feels a little more fancy because the meat comes out on these sword things. We thought she'd get a kick out of that! Plus, it was helpful, with an active 4 year old, that there is little to NO waiting for the food. She gets bored just waiting for us to finish eating, so I wasn't looking forward to making her sit still during a multi-course dinner. It was delicious and fun. Win/win! 

And of course, it was a special day, so she HAD to have dessert! (Me, too!)

Look at all those chocolate teeth! Ha!
Then it was time to head to the theater! Emma kept saying "I'm SO excited!! But I'm a little nervous!"

This picture tugs my heart, she looks so grown-up here!

Waiting, waiting, waiting!

Terrible phone pictures! 

The show was really good! All of Em's favorite songs, plus lots of new ones! She, of course, was dancing in her seat! AND in mine, I kept freaking out, thinking she was going to KICK the lady next to me! But we made it. By the time the first act was over, I was exhausted from her wollering (is that a word?) me to death! She was banished to Daddy for the 2nd act! Only downside was the length of the show, it was almost 3 hours from start to finish, and Emma was TIRED. She stuck it out, though. Didn't melt down until we were back to the hotel!

Here is a little tidbit of what we saw! Enjoy!


  1. How FUN!! Emma loves Mary Poppins as well. And that's because I made her watch it too! HA! =) Looks like you guys had a blast. Our Emma loves "fancy" restaurants too =) hehe

    1. See! If only they'd listen to us all the time!

  2. That's great! I'm glad you all had a great time!!!