Friday, September 21, 2012

Wrapping up the week!

This week has been so nice, weather-wise, so we've been out side a lot! I am loving it and wishing it would be like this ALWAYS! Otherwise, its been pretty low-key around here!

Clinton and I had our own shrimp boil outside!

Emma on the trampoline... can you see that hair?!?

Super cranky little girl before school...
We took the kids back to the children's museum again today! The Cheatwood's are now members! So, if you look at my past track record, that means we will never go again. :/ But I have GOOD intentions!
Sorry, these pictures are so extra blurry! I wanted to take my camera, but Em said she didn't want me to! Ha!
Paytie & Colt putting on a puppet show!

More puppets!

Livi shopping it up!


Emma and I got dressed up this afternoon...

My Princess and don't you love my Minnie earrings?

Sorry, I HATE tongue pictures, but Emma insisted we do silly pics, too!
We are gearing up for a BIG weekend! County fair tonight, golf tournament and Em visting Nana & Papaw tomorrow, then Clinton and I are going to see Paula Deen on Sunday!! I'm so freaking excited!!

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  1. Your shrimp looks soooo good! I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one who allows my child to eat waffles in bed =) The county fair sounds like lots of fun!! And totally jealous you are going to see Paula Deen!