Tuesday, September 18, 2012

According to Emma

Emma has been in rare form lately. The things that come out of her mouth make me laugh so much. I'm telling you, life HAD to have been boring before her. I say had to have been because I can't really remember much about life before Emma.

While trying to talk to Emma on the way to school, she said "Just forget it!" On the way home that day, I again was trying to ask her about school, "Ugh, it's a long story!" And this is preschool, people, what in the world will she say to me in high school!

We went to watch a high school football game the other night. No one mentioned the concession stand at all. Pulled into the parking lot, and Em piped up "Where are the snow-cones and pickles?" She forgets nothing!

Driving across some train tracks, "Mommy, all that bumping is really hurting my feelings!" Baha!

Driving past a Chinese restaurant (which I love), Em pointed it out and said "When you make me eat yucky food, it really makes my head hurt!" Her being a picky-eater makes mine hurt.

She told my MIL she didn't like the dog "because he distracts me." She likes to use her vocabulary.

We were doing some shopping before going to a party, a CANDY party. She had already asked for some and I explained that she would be getting plenty candy at the party. My friend (the host) called and asked if I could stop by the candy store to pick up something for her. I told Emma that's where we were going. "Mommy, can I please get some candy at the candy store?" "No, Emma, I told you we were going to the party." "BUT I ALREADY SAID PLEASE!". Please is not always a magic word, Emma!

While eating her favorite food, "Tortillas are good for a healthy body!" Somehow I doubt that...

Oh, and her new favorite thing to say is "You HAVE to ____". For example, "Mommy, you HAVE to let me have that!" or when I tell her no, "Mommy, you HAVE to stop being mean to me and let me ____". No Emma, I do not HAVE to...

See! Life would be so boring without her.

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  1. This post sooo made me laugh! I can relate to most of it, except the Chinese food part. Every time Em sees a Chinese restaurant she whines and cries that she wants to go there. haha =)