Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red River County Fair

Even though it was 95 degrees today, the county fair always makes it feel like Fall to me! We took Emma to the fair last night! She was super excited!

Waiting in line

I'm not sure the correct name for this ride... u-boat? Anyway, she liked shooting the gun!

Go-Gator roller coaster! Fearless little thing!

Look at that happy face!

Big slide!
 When she got of the slide, she said "that made me nervous!" But did she like it, "YES!"

We took a break to eat some yummy food! I don't know about other county fairs, but ours has local schools and churches set up their own concession stands as fundraisers. Let me tell you this results in some ah-mazing food! 

Look at this massive turkey leg! It was SO good!
Then Emma was fired up to get back to the rides and games! 

Just FYI- Clinton took the fishing game pics, because I was stuffing my face with funnel cake. Just thought you should know that.

Love how happy she looks here!

I did it!
She kept telling us, "I won TWO games!" I didn't take any pictures of the Angry Birds game that she won, but she told me later that "it freaked me out". Wonder where she learned that? ;)

Super excited about riding the ferris wheel! Said she was nervous about this one, too. But still wanted to ride!

Can you see the terror in my face? No? Well, its there... hidden.
You just can't beat a small county fair.! Well, I say that as I've never been to a state fair and have only went to one other county fair. Ha! We did have a blast, though!


  1. Looks like fun!! And now I want a funnel cake!! =)

  2. Fair food is the best. Funnel cakes and hand dipped corndogs are my little slice of deep fried heaven! Looks like you all had a great time!