Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paula, behavior charts, Baby Bella, and a change of plans!

So I left y'all hanging all week about seeing Paula Deen! Sorry about that!

Clinton took me to the Dallas Metro Cooking Expo for my birthday, and it was really great. We sampled so much food and were so ful by the time to see Paula!

Me with Martie Duncan from Next Food Network Star... I'm cheesing like an idiot!

At this point, I am mentally killing myself because I left my camera in the car! The lighting killed my phone camera!

Clinton snuck to the front and got a picture for me! 

I cried with Paula came out, y'all. I know. I know. Silly. I don't know what came over me!! Paula cooked chicken and dumplins and was so funny! Michael, too! Seriously, I cried AGAIN from laughing! You could tell she was just up there talking and being herself, nothing scripted. It was great! I definitely want to go again!

But let me tell you, my great day was RUINED when I picked up Emma from my mom's that night. She threw the craziest, awful, brattiest fit I've ever seen. Clinton and I thought she might be possessed. It is way past time to get her behavior under control. Lately, we've been threatening her birthday party. And I knew it was going to lose its punch if I had to say it 500 times a day. I decided on using a behavior chart. I looked at printable ones, but those didn't really work for what I wanted. So I made one myself using Excel (the accountant in me LOVES Excel!), and a lot of Pinterest inspiration! I had Em pick out the colors and pictures, and she got really excited about using it!

The color codes (I put it on blue to demonstrate!)
The chart
I have got to come up with a better display! Ignore my hodgepodge magnets! Ha!
How it works- Emma's clothespin starts on pink in the morning. Depending on Em's behavior, the clothespin moves colors. Purple is really good and black is really bad (fit throwing!)! If she gets 10 purple days, she will get to pick a treat. If she gets 10 black days, her birthday party will be cancelled!  Note- her behavior will still be punished (and praised!) throughout the day, this is merely a method of reinforcing that actions have consequences (and rewards)!

And its working so far! No picture, but we have three purples in a row, people! Big deal around here!
 My friend, Regan, had her baby last night! I am so excited and happy for them! She was not happy about me blinding her with my flash! Cute little thing!

Isabella Margaret Anders
Emma is mad that she can't go see her yet, but said "Oh, I love Baby Bella!" when I showed her this picture! 

Our plans were to leave tonight and head to Baton Rouge to take Emma to her first LSU game on Saturday! I, even, had the cutest shoes made for her to wear!

 But the weather had other plans... (don't worry, I'm sure Clinton will figure out a different game to take her to, ha!)

So we are going to go to the Texas State Fair tomorrow instead! We are super excited! AND my camera is charging as we speak! Can't wait!


  1. I am super duper jealous that you were able to see Paul Deen! I am terribly in love with her! And I just know that I would have cried as well if I saw her in person! It looks like you had a great time! And the chart that you made looks pretty cool! Let me know how it works out!! =)

  2. I'm not a LSU fan, but I LOVE those shoes! SUPER CUTE!!!