Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Little Princess

We have a fantastic kids/ baby store in town, Paris Baby. Emma loves to go there, even if we aren't shopping, because they have a play area and coloring area. Plus the two owners are fantastic! Anyway, today, they ranked themselves even higher in Em's book. They had Cinderella come and do story-time! AND Em got to wear her new Rapunzel wedding dress!

Look at all the little princesses!

Getting her picture made with Cinderella!
Big bye hugs!

Emma and I had our own little photo shoot before going to Paris Baby!


  1. How Fun! What a great idea, and super cute!!! Love Emma's dress!

  2. Very cute! What does this store have?? Would it be something to look into when I was in Greenville next time?

  3. Um... how awesome is that?! That is so cute!