Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lake Time with The Moss's

I'm going to start off by saying that I didn't sleep last night. Not one minute. So at this point, I may be incoherent. Just a warning. 

AND apparently editing is not my strong if you didn't know! Long post ahead!

Our good friends, the Moss's, got a awesome new boat, so we HAD to go out with them and try it out! We had an amazingly fun, and ahem, adventurous time! We went early this morning, despite chances of scattered showers.

Right off, Ace and Misty got on the tube!

Ace is an old pro and we were going too slow for his taste!

Me and the girls watching!
Then little Payton wanted to try! She was fearless, all fired up about it!

Em in (my) Costas!
Then Clinton and Ace went for a swim... had a bit of a trek back, too!

Then they got on the tube for another turn. This time Andy could drive a little faster!

Still didn't knock them off though! 

We'd been trying to talk Em into going out, but she was not having it. Until Clinton decided she didn't have a choice, and apparently neither did I, because I ended up on the durn thing, too!

After that ride, Em was super excited!

Giggling over their rides!
The girls got a little fearless and decided they'd go together... with no mamas and daddies!

I HAD to film some of Em and Paytie's first solo ride!

Haydon had been too nervous to ride up to that point, but he couldn't let the GIRLS out do him!

He was freaked out at first, but we finally got a "Woo Hoo!" out of him!
 You gotta do what you gotta do!

Potty break on-board! Ha!

Then one LAST ride! ALL the little kids at one time! From nervous to fearless in a matter of hours!

They did great! UNTIL a big swell topped the front of the tube! No one went overboard and thankfully, they all laughed!

Then we just cruised around and relaxed for a while!

Paytie was all about driving and steered us in circles and circles and circles!

Mischievousness, right there!

Em- "I'm NOT smiling!" Little heifer!

Andy is BRAVE man!

Love this picture! Silly kids!

Ace was very serious about driving!

Sun-bathing beauties! Ha!
So that was the fun part... now about our adventure, ha! It had lightly sprinkled on us on and off. No thunder or lightning, so no big deal. When it started getting heavier, we decided to head out. Mr. Work-a-holic (Andy) had to go work cows (yes in the rain!), anyway... so it was definitely time to call it quits!  We headed back across the lake, through the heavier rain. Had to cover the kids with the towel to keep them from getting pelted by the stinging rain. My shoulders are welted up! Ha!

We got to the dock, Clinton got out to back the trailer down... And we waited. And waited. Thankfully, the rain was just a steady drizzle at this point! And the boat has a cover!

He finally came back and said the key wouldn't unlock Andy's truck door. Why not? Because it wasn't the right key! Andy happened to have TWO sets of truck keys in his truck, and when Clinton parked the truck, he dropped the keys, then grabbed the wrong set! Uh-oh! 

No worries, though, because Andy said he had another set at his shop. Thankfully, not far from the lake! The men set off for the keys. Misty and I stayed on the boat with the kids, floating around (in the rain). And waited. And waited. By this time, we'd been on the water for about 5 hours.

Clinton came back alone and said Andy couldn't find the keys, but he was headed to the house to look (again not far!) Just funny at this point! Misty and I had seen some lightning, so we wanted the kids OFF the boat! Clinton and I got them off "rescue style" and he put them in his truck, out of the rain! Andy arrived then... no keys at the house! Bahaha! 

So Misty and I, still on the boat, just floated around and chatted, and had a grand time with no kids or hubbies, while they tried to jimmy the door open!! No luck!  They decided to cut their losses at the this point, and moved the boat trailer to the other truck! Finally, at 4:30  p.m. (6 hours on the water!) we pulled the boat out of the water. Andy's truck is still at the lake! :/

Clinton is a little embarrassed, (I think, he won't admit it!), but we all had a good laugh about it! Just had too good of a time today to do anything else! 

We can't wait to do it all again, but maybe we'll double check the truck keys first! Ha!

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  1. What a day you had!!!! haha
    The pictures are awesome though and it looks like the tubing aspect of it was a great time!!!! =)