Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Emma's First Baseball Game

Yesterday morning started off awful. Emma was in one of those moods that makes me question my decision to become a parent. Whining and crying over NOTHING! Seriously. It. Was. Bad.

So knowing that, you may think our decision, made only minutes later, was crazy. We just up and decided "Hey, lets all go to the Texas Rangers Game TONIGHT!" ARGH! Besides that, I am a planner, a lister, a budgeter. (I'm not sure if those are all real words.) Being spontaneous is not easy for me! So I ran around town like crazy to get Em and I decked out for her FIRST game!

A new bow, and a new hairdo... Ignore my cluttered bathroom!
 Then we were off to Arlington and the ballpark!

Em at the stadium... in her cute new shirt!
And mine matches!

If we would have let her, she would have ran up and down those step all night!

When the National Anthem was played, Em reached over and whispered to me "Hey, this is from the Olympics!"

Cheering for the Rangers!

I got lots of snuggle time!

By the end of the night, that's the best picture we could get.

She was tired by the time the game was over, but let me tell you, she didn't whine ONE time! I am still in awe over how well she behaved at the game, especially considering the start to the day! We brought our iPhones and her LeapPad to entertain her, but didn't use them! And I can't believe that we didn't have to buy her stuff constantly to keep her happy! Clinton and I added it up later and we only spent $20 on stadium drinks and food!! Unheard of and completely unexpected! It was a great night, and to top it off... the Rangers WON!


  1. I love this post! And you guys all look great in your Rangers stuff, even though we are Red Sox fans here =) I wish we lived closer to Boston so we could go to more Sox games =) Glad you guys had a great time!!! =)

  2. How fun! I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan but my husband is a Rangers fan (you can imagine the fun we had last season, especially during the World Series)!
    Looks like miss Emma had a great time!