Friday, August 24, 2012

Kitchen Oopsy & a Mini iPhone Dump!

I noticed that my phone didn't have too many pictures in it that I haven't already shared this week. Look at me, blogger on top of things! Woot! There are a couple I can post, but first let me tell you about my most recent kitchen failure. As in the last 10 minutes, recent. AND it's not really a failure, just an "aww, that sucks, oh well, I'll eat it anyway!"

I have a kick-butt peanut butter cookie recipe. I get it out of a Cookie Bible cookbook that is really special to me. My mom gave me the cookie book for Christmas either after I got my first apartment or after I got married (can't remember which!) What makes it so special is that she wrote me a note in it about making cookies with my little girl one day like she did with me. Tear. And make cookies with my little girl, I do!

Anyway, back to the cookies. They usually turn out Ah-Mazing and beautiful! For example, I used the recipe HERE for some Valentine's cookies! In our attempt at being healthy as possible, we've started buying "Natural" style peanut butter for Emma. And that is what I used to make the cookies. No other ingredients were changed.

I think the oilier natural peanut butter made them spread more.

And the cookie are not the fluffy goodness they normally are! Here's what the Valentine's batch looked like..

They still taste good, the texture is off. So next time, I'll definitely take into account WHICH peanut butter I'm using!

Good thing, though, I had a little helper to clean up!

No wonder she's taken to calling me "Stepmother". :/

And here's little Cinderella, herself...

And a little silliness to start the weekend!


  1. You could read Flat Stanley and have flat pb cookies!

  2. Peanut butter cookies always taste good, no matter the texture or the flatness! They look perfect for making ice cream sandwiches! Just put a scoop of chocolate ice cream in between two cookies and call it a successful day of baking! Ha!

    BTW, love your little one's cute pink apron!

  3. I have a hard time to make fluffy cookies! They always come out flat. My mother says her trick is to add a little extra flour...but it never works for me! haha Cute photos!!! =)