Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sick Baby Update & Emma Milestones

Sick Baby Update

Even after the dr. gave her antibiotics (and she seemed brand new...for like a minute!), Emma kept running fever and just wasn't feeling good. I called the "Pedi-Mom" on Thursday and she said to wait a few more days to see if the anitibiotics would work & if by Saturday morning things weren't better, then go back to the dr. So this a.m., I called and got her in to see the PA. My poor baby's ear infection was not any better, so she had to have a shot!!! Here she is showing off her boo-boo.

I felt really bad for Emmy, so OF COURSE I had to get her some feel better presents! Notice she is not in this picture actually playing with the feel better presents! Anyway, so far so good. She seems (again seems!) like she feels better. We go back to the dr. on Wednesday! Hopefully we will get a good report!

Emma Milestones

Emma is a super good crawler now!! Oh yes she is. Her most favorite place to crawl to and check out in our house is...

The Vent

Crawling towards me :) ... and away :(...

Earlier this week, Emma pulled up to a stand on a pillow I had stuffed next to the computer desk to keep her out of stuff (I have a picture but its stuck on my BlackBerry and I haven't figured out how to recover it yet!!!). But that was more of a "lean" than a "stand".... today, I put her in her cage (aka: the Pack n' Play). Emma got really mad at me and wanted me to get her out of the cage asap, but I was busy trying not to clean house, so I just told her tough (sure I did). Anyway, with me watching with disbelief, she did this....

It was a struggle, but she made it, hollering the whole time. She stood there crying and, NO LIE, stamping her foot until I picked her up.

Oh yeah! Emma is an artist (already)! She put her had up just in time to block the flash to make this picture really cool...

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  1. She is such a doll! The photos are priceless! Where did you find the "sock monkey"? I've never seen one that colorful.