Monday, June 29, 2009

Bogata Rodeo

Well this past weekend was THE BIG EVENT in Bogata. The Rodeo! I didn't make it to all three nights like times past, and Emma and Clinton didn't go at all...I know, why not? Well, it was like a thousand degrees outside, so I didn't want to drag Emma out and Clinton had to work... poor thing works all the time.

I did go Saturday night. But did I sit in the stands with the familia and watch the festivities? Nope. I was working the concession stand. I did it to help out Andrea and the rest of Country Home Care. Let me just say, they owe me...they owe me big. It was like I said 1,000 degrees outside, and hotter in that building! I dipped cheese. Everything had cheese on it... I don't want to talk about it anymore. Too tramatic.

Want to see the cutest cowboy at the rodeo, scratch that. The cutest cowboy in the whole wide world...

Kirk Lance Killian, Mutton Buster

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  1. He is pretty darn cute!! I bet you were hot--they do owe you big.