Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clinton's First Father's Day

Before I even start I am just going to say that Yes I am a bad mother. I did not take a picture of Clinton and Emma together on Father's Day. So... I took one today! LOL!

Emma! Don't eat the card!

Yay! Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Yes, we actually gave him his cards (and iTunes card) on Father's Day. And yes, we cheaped out and that's all we got him. But he wouldn't have had it any other way!

We went down to Jason & Andrea's on the day to celebrate. Jason cooked frog legs (eww) and fish. Andrea (or Jason, I'm not sure) boiled some yummy shrimp that Clinton and I had brought back from Baton Rouge. It was a good time.
The dad's in attendance were:

Pete Belcher (Tim's dad-Trishia, Jason, & my grandpa, see Tim's grandkids for the greats...)
Tim Belcher (Trishia, Jason, & my dad- Alex, Jalyn, Bradyn, Kirk, Kamryn, & Emma's grandpa)
Bill Boggs (Andrea & Brittney's dad- Alex, Kirk, & Kinsley's grandpa)
Jason Killian (Alex & Kirk's dad)
Clinton (Emma's dad- 1st timer)
David Crawford (Kinsley's dad- 1st timer)

Disclaimer: Yes, Pete has other children and many more grandkids...I'm just mentioning the ones in attendance...because we are the only ones that count! J/K LOL!
Anyway, Emma was super cute (isn't she always) and got to play with Kinsley who is 1 month older than her. Here are some pics...

Emma in her sun hat.

Kinsley in her sun hat.

The girls playing!

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  1. How cute are they!? I'm a bad momma too, I did not take a photo of Michael and Dailee. After church I told him NOT to take off his good clothes so I could take a picture and what did he do? He went straight in the house and changed. Ugh! MEN. Can't live with them, can't live without them. LOL