Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sick Baby= Sick Mama

So Emma has had her first big bout with an illness. I feel like such a bad mama for "letting" her get that sick. Day care= boosted immune system (aka: many rounds of illnesses).

Let me just say, having a baby is hard work... having a sick baby is hell.

Of course she was irritable, she didn't feel good. Of course I was irritable, Emma didn't feel good.

Emma started running fever on Friday. By that afternoon, she "seemed" a little better. She cried all day Saturday. Not enough to make me rush her to the ER, but enough to make me seriously crazy. Sunday started off good, but the fever came raging back. Clinton and I took her to the pediatrician Monday morning, and we got the verdict. Double infections PLUS a rash caused by the infections... poor, poor baby. The doc diagnosed her with an ear infection (but she hadn't been pulling at her ear...isn't that the tell-tale sign??) and an upper respitory infection. So we loaded up on antibiotics and went home. Once the antibiotics were in her system, she was like brand new! I think she felt so much better... why didn't I just take her to the doctor Friday??

To top things off, I woke up yesterday morning (Tuesday) with a fever. Was there any doubt that I would catch what Em had... no!

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  1. Poor Emma and poor momma! I hope you both get to feeling better soon.

    Emma is just precious. I love the photo of her sitting in the grass.

    Aren't little girls fun!