Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's Get This Started

So my name is Kayla Belcher Cheatwood. I am married to Clinton Cheatwood. On Halloween of last year, we were blessed with our own little pumpkin, Emma Lee Cheatwood. This blog will be about our lives as new parents, experiencing life with Emma. Yes. It is a little late to get started. She is almost 8 months old. Hey, I've been busy! I am also in the process of going back to school to get my teaching certificate so some of that drama may get thrown in here. So check it out!

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  1. Hi Kayla--You can't imagine what a delightful find your blog is. I'm a family researcher and I was doing an idle search on your husband's name when your site popped up. Hope you don't mind if I check your site every once in a while. Emma is lovely. b.t.w. If you want the family line, please email me. It's for your mother-in-law's family. Pam Treme