Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disney Wonder Cruise- Day 4

Our new favorite place is Castaway Cay, Disney's private island, in the Bahamas. OMG! It was amazing! And that's where we were on the 4th day of our cruise!

We woke up in time to watch the ship dock, and the crew start unloading everything we would need ashore that day! It was quite an operation! We headed up to eat breakfast at the buffet, and got a great view while we ate!

We headed straight for the family beach, but had to stop first for sand toys. I had been promising Em some Mickey sand toys, and thankfully, they were the only souvenir she really wanted the whole trip! Expensive! Cute, yes, but expensive for sand toys. Oh well. 

After some amazing beach time, we explored a little and came upon the sprinkler area, called Spring-A-Leak! The child went crazy here! This was amazing to us because our child 1) freaks out about showers and 2) rarely plays in sprinklers. If she does play in a sprinkler, she barely gets wet, just runs around it! Something about that Disney magic! She now LOVES showers and playing in the water! Craziness.

While we were at Spring-A-Leak, Clinton realized that we had left our tickets to our Port Adventure in the room! Since we were on Disney's island and the only people there, it was no big deal to get on & off the boat, so Clinton went back to get our tickets. We each had our wavephones (cell phones that worked onboard & on the island), but we ended up having a hard time communicating while he was gone. That was the only part of the day that wasn't good. Of course, if we hadn't forgotten the tickets, it wouldn't have been a problem at all! Ha!

Em played a while longer, and then decided she was ready for lunch. So we texted Clinton to meet us and headed to the food area. While at Castaway Cay, all food and drinks (non-alcoholic) are free!! While on the way, we caught a glimpse of the Disney Dream coming in close to say Hello! The way I understand it, this is very rare! And no, they weren't porting at the island, just came by!

Clinton was still close to the Wonder when this happened and got a video of the "horn battle"!

After eating, we took Em to Scuttle's Cove, the kid's club on the island. Even in paradise, she couldn't wait to go back to the kid's club. :( That's ok, we had plans to swim with stingrays and she wanted no part of that! We stopped and took some pictures on the way!

Once we checked in for our Port Adventure to feed/ swim with the stingrays, we were given a safety talk and instructions on how to proceed. Feeding the rays was so cool, they were so soft! It was never something I thought I would want to do! I'm not a great snorkeler, so I only did it for a little while, then went and grabbed the camera and took some shots of Clinton.

Once we were done with the stingrays, we checked in on Em and of course, she wasn't ready to go. We still had time before we had to get back onboard the ship, so Clinton and I went to check out Serenity Beach, the adult only area!

Clinton could resist a little advertising for our friends!
All too soon it was time to pick up Em and get back on the ship.

So sad. Castaway Cay is by far my favorite place that we've been on vacation in a while! Well, a beach vacation anyway. It's hard to beat New Orleans in my heart! ;)

Walking up to the ship, we ran into some friends, Lilo and Stitch!

Emma was so excited because she hadn't met Lilo yet! 

Once we were onboard, Emma wanted to go to the pool. It wasn't crowded because so many people hadn't boarded yet! Her braveness from the sprinkler area must have been still hanging around because she wanted to go on the Mickey slide again! Last time, she swore she wasn't doing it again!

This time was a great success! She loved it! Whose child is this?!?!

Part 2- Pirate Night coming up next! 


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to go on a Disney cruise!

    1. Tonya, I think our next vacation may be to Disney World! I'll have to get all of your tips!!