Monday, November 11, 2013

Disney Wonder Cruise- Day 3

Day 3 was our first port day, in Key West, FL! We had a late All Ashore time (11:30), so we had a relaxing morning. Had breakfast at the buffet, then of course, Em wanted to go to the club. We dropped her off, then went to play some trivia, and then to one of the clubs for a game show, The Feud. It was a plan on Family Feud. It was really fun, and our team won, of course!

We had our "game faces" on... scary, huh?
We picked Em back up, and headed out to Key West! We were docked at a military base, so we had to be bussed off the base. We rented an electric car for the day, so I called them while on the bus. They picked us up as soon as we got off the bus and drove us to the rental place. 20 minutes and we were in our own little car, cruising the island!

We drove down to the "Southernmost Point of the US", but weren't feeling the long line on our relaxing island day, so I snapped a shot of "Skinny Steve, aka Flat Stanley" for Kamryn's project as we drove by. 

It was lunchtime, so we stopped to eat! I don't remember the name of the place. It wasn't the restaurant that we had planned on going to, and I honestly don't remember why it got changed. Ha!

Royal Red shrimp

Cuban Sandwich

Mahi fish tacos (I think!)
After lunch, we just drove around and explored the island. We stopped when it suited us, even stopped once for ice cream. It was really fun.

Just a little shot to show how pretty and COOL Key West is!

Em took a quick nap in the car!

Clinton was determined to have a drink from a coconut. This one didn't have alcohol, but it served it's purpose!
Us in our little car, Em's still napping.

Some wild chickens...

A view of our ship waiting for us!
We, finally, decided to give Em a break and take her back to the ship. Poor baby had been playing TOO hard.

Clinton took this beautiful pano pic from the deck of the ship!
Once we were back on board, Em was rip raring to go again (imagine that!). She was super excited, because she got to meet TWO different characters that she hadn't met before!


Oh yeah!

Then Dopey!

And this is where she is telling Snow White not to sign her book AGAIN, "You already signed it!" I can't make this stuff up, people!

After this, Em disappeared into the Oceaneer's Club and didn't come out again until bedtime. I'm not kidding. She wouldn't come out for dinner (we went without her), and she wouldn't come out to change for Pluto's Pajama Party! I had to go in and change her IN THE CLUB! I got to go into the Cast Member's bathroom to change her clothes! It felt very top secret. The Cast Member waited outside the door to escort me back... didn't want me stealing trade secrets, I guess! ;)

So Clinton and I enjoyed the evening, just the two of us. We just hung out and relaxed! It was glorious!

Dinner that night was in Animator's Palate! Yes, Em missed the AP show. She just shrugged and said "I've already seen it!" Oh, to be so jaded at 4 years old. Our servers were so surprised that she wasn't with us!

K's App- Mushroom Risotto

Both Soup Course- Potato & cheese soup

K- Thyme roasted Chicken (I know, ordering the chicken is so boring, but this was really, really good!)

C- Grilled Veal Chop

K- Ice Cream Sundae

C- Double Fudge Cake

The Mouse, himself!
This was such a fun, but relaxing day! Wish I could do it again, tomorrow!

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