Friday, November 1, 2013

Disney Wonder Cruise- Day 2

Day 2 of our cruise can be summarized by three words. Food and Princesses. And here we go.... be prepared for picture overload.

We skipped breakfast that morning because Emma could NOT be late for Story Time with Belle!

We got to stay with Em in the club for story time because it was an Open House activity. Afterwards, we left Em in the club and headed to Palo. It was time for our second adult only meal, brunch! Miss Judy took care of us again. First, she took us around and show us the buffet offerings.

Then we can order champagne cocktails and hot dishes, and head to the buffet to fill our plates!

My plate from buffet

Clinton's plate from buffet

Shared- cheese & bread plate
My entree- Chicken Parm

Clinton's entree- eggs benedict

Clinton's entree #2- veal saltimbocca

My desserts- all chocolate & strawberries

Shared- strawberry soup (surprisingly really good!)

Clinton's desserts

After brunch, it was time to pick Emma up and head down for the princess gathering. This cruise was full of people "in the know", so the line was already pretty long. Luckily, we knew to go early, too, so our wait wasn't too bad!

My pretty princess

This group of princesses caused quite a stir. There was quite a long photo session of them!
Then the real princesses came out and oh, there were some excited little girls in the room!


After we got to meet all the princesses, Daisy was out upstairs, so up we went to see her!

We dropped Em back off at the club to play and eat lunch (eating meals in the club became a big habit of hers!) Since we were kid free for a while, we headed to the adult pool for some relaxation! We got some pool time and laid out on the top deck in the sun for a while. We got dressed and went to some compete in some Disney Tunes Trivia (my favorite cruising activity, I am very competitive!). After we lost the trivia game (that round, anyway!), we picked Em up for the tea party!!

The tea party on the Magic the theme was Tea with Alice, this time it was called Tea with Disney Friends. We didn't have any idea of who would come out! It was Ariel & Tiana! It was really cute, Tiana was teaching Ariel about human tea parties. You know, because Ariel is newly human and all!

After we had our fill of tea and cookies, we went to our room to get ready for formal night! The show was The Golden Mickeys (our new favorite!), and they were was "red carpet" like set up. Em, of course, had to be in it!

Reporter- "Who are you wearing?"

Em- "Minnie!"
Em and I were outside the theater doing this, while Clinton was inside the theater. They played the interview on the big screen inside! I'd give anything to have a video of it!

After the show, we met up with Mickey & Minnie in their finery!

Then it was dinnertime! This was our first dinner in the main dining room because we had gone to Palo the previous night, so we got to meet our dining staff, Minda from Croatia & Maggie from Trinidad & Tobago. We were surprised that we were seated at a table by ourselves! Score!

My appetizer- Honey dew melon & prosciutto

Clinton's app- Crispy cheese ravioli

Both- Yachtsman Steakhouse NY Strip

My dessert- Golden Mickey Sweet Temptations Trio

Clinton's dessert- Vanilla Creme Brulee
This is the first night that we used the Dine & Play program. Emma received her meal quicker that we did, so that she was done early. Then the kid's club staff came into the dining room and picked her up. That way she could eat with us, then go play while we finished our dinner alone. The promise of this was the only way we could get her out of the club some nights!

We were exhausted after another full day, so we picked Em up and went to bed after dinner! 

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. I think we will have to do this as soon as Emma is independent enough to go to the club and be happy without us!