Friday, July 10, 2009


Please tell me your opinion-

Emma is our "Little Pumpkin" born on Halloween... so her first Halloween costume has to be special. Here are a couple of costumes I like... yes its early! I'm a planner, so what!

[Note: this will NOT be the outfit she wears for her birthday party. I'm planning something special for that ;)]

Candy Corn Princess...

Bandstand Baby...


  1. Those are both really cute. She will be a doll in either one. Avery wore the bandstand one for her first Halloween.

  2. Facebook votes as of 3:30- 3 for Bandstand Baby, 1 for Candy Corn Princess

  3. I like the Bandstand Baby outfit. (I'm a sucker for poodle skirts) I know where she can get a very cute bow to match too. :)