Friday, July 10, 2009

Clippies! Injuries?

When Emma was born, we had one pacifier clip that I really liked. It wasn't "too much" as I like to say. Well, as most baby things, it got dirty. Then it got washed. Then it got broke. I was pretty bummed about it. So I set out on a journey to make my own. I've done some experiments and I will keep trying new things, but so far I've got some that work pretty good. Now, I'm making them for anyone who might want one. I have a lot more colors of ribbons and beads than what is shown and I can probably get anything! Tell your friends...

Girly colors...the first two are personalized.


Neutral colors...

Cool thing- if the beads/ letters are neutral, I can make extra ribbons to be switched out!
Yesterday on the way home from work, my knee started to ache. Then I noticed it was swelling. What I have I done now?? I have been known to walk into walls, furniture, and doorways. I really don't remember hurting my knee, but honestly sometimes I don't remember my name. Fast forward to this morning. The knee was still swollen when I woke up, but not really hurting. I got up, got ready, got Emma ready (mornings are a production), then left to drop Em off. By the time I got to Sherri's house, my knee was throbbing pretty good. I couldn't even imagine trying to drive all the way to Pittsburg. I went to see the doctor. Since there was no "known" injury to my knee, there wasn't a whole lot to go on. She gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine, told me to wear a brace, and put it up with ice. If it's not better by Monday, I will need an X-Ray and possibly have to go to an Ortho to have it drained...eeek! Its the right one btw! The left knee is fat from calories and genes! Disclaimer: This is after sitting with it up for a little while.

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