Sunday, July 5, 2009

Emma's First Fireworks Show

On Thursday, Emma and I went to CNC's big fireworks show. Clinton didn't get to go with us, unfortunately, he had to work. We got there early to enjoy the festivities.

Memaw Peggy was there early, too! Here is Emma trying to bite Memaw's bubble! She thought it was hilarious!
Nana bought Em a water gun. Guess where it went! Straight into her mouth. Oh well, it served as a make-shift teether! (Note the kicked back position!)

We ate lots of junk. Emma tried lots of new things. She liked everything! She's such a good eater!
She's definitely my baby, loves her some pickles. She kept taking big ol' bites and I had to dig them out of her mouth! Her cousin Alex fed Em some yummy snowcone. She started it, and then couldn't get Emma away from it! We, also, shared a watermelon Blow Pop. Check the expression on her face...she loved it! I couldn't believe she didn't get sick later from all that junk!

Then it was fireworks time. No crying baby in sight!

Unfortunately, it was way past Emma's bedtime by the time the fireworks got started. We had to leave after about 10 minutes. She was so tired!

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