Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crafty Mamas

I made some more clippies for Jaci and Necah.

In the first picture, the first two is "John Deere" or as close as I could get. Can you believe I couldn't find John Deere green ribbon?!?! The next two are for Dailee! In the second picture, the first one is Dailee's pink clippie. The green and pink clippies are for Necah to give as a gift!

Jaci is pretty crafty herself! She makes onesies and bows. She made Emma an outfit! Isn't it cute!
To check out more of Jaci's creations (and her beautiful little girl!!) take a look at her blog!!


  1. Emma is just a doll! The outfit looks great on her.

  2. The clippies are too cute! I can't wait to get them!