Saturday, November 3, 2012

Emma's Princess Tea Party

Emma has been counting down the days to this party forever! She was so excited it was finally here!

Princess Emma

Look at this face!

They were so cute with their real china!

Even Mamou came in her "royal best"!

Playing "Pin the Sugar Cube on the Teacup!"


Such beautiful princesses, handsome knights (Super Heroes!), and a scary dragon!!

Don't forget The Little Mermaid!

It was a great party, and super easy! All we had to do was show up! Felt way weird to not have anything to do! BUT I was still exhausted after, ha!!


  1. How ADORABLE!!! I bet the girls and boys had a blast =) Aren't tea parties the best! =)
    And the pictures are all great! Happy Birthday to Emma!!! =)

  2. Love this so much, just so sad we had to miss it! Glad Emma had fun! Miss y'all!

  3. Looks fun! Happy Birthday to Emma again!