Saturday, November 24, 2012

Emma's First LSU Game!!

I am way behind on posting!

We took Emma to Baton Rouge to go to her first LSU game!! She was so excited. The day before, she kept saying "I'm so excited to go to the baseball game tonight!" Eh... close enough! Ha!

Bonus: we got to spend time with Aunt Terri and Uncle Mike while we were down there!

We started the day tailgating at with some friends at TWO different tailgates. Had to break her in right! We visited the Halftime Tailgaters and the Tommy Jackson Tailgate (FYI- we don't know anyone NAMED Tommy Jackson. Ha!). I hate that I didn't get any picture so the tailgates, so all y'all can see what a different world it is there on gameday! Too busy chasing the little girl around, I guess!

We just happened upon Mike, but this is the only picture I got because Emma was running the other way...screaming. Smh.

Playing cornhole with Daddy!
 We took a chance and didn't buy tickets. We used the "cute/sympathy" card and had Emma walk around saying "I need THREE tickets!" Ha! It worked!! A man stopped us and told us he had 4 tickets, and when we told him it was Emma's first game, he GAVE them to us! We tried to pay him, but he said "No, I was looking for a family with a little kid to give them to!" We SO appreciated it! And they were GREAT seats!

A quick stop to see the real Mike! Ironically, Emma was NOT scared of HIM! In fact, she tried to poke him with a STICK! This child...

We headed down to watch the team, band, cheerleaders, etc. walk down the hill! 

The band stopped in front of us, and started playing... Emma got pumped! Raised her fist!

We followed the band into the Pete Maravich Center to watch them play for a little bit, AND take a little sit down break!

Finally, it was time to go into the stadium! Death Valley, here we come!

Look at my loves!

Geaux Tigahs!
Emma did so great! Cheered, hooted, and hollered, and mostly watched the game! About the third quarter, Emma gave it up... it had been a long day!

I was just happy, because it had been so long since I've held her like this while she slept!
She woke back up in the fourth quarter raring to go! And was MAD that she had missed part of the game! Her daddy's child...

And the Tigers won! Beat Ole Miss 41-35 in an action packed game! We had a perfect day at Tiger Stadium!


  1. What a wonderful experience! I love the group picture of you three!

    1. Thanks! I'm not such a fan of the first one, but the second one is good!

  2. Sooo fun! I'm jealous football is nothing up here. I would LOVE to go to a game like that. hockey up here is probably the way football is down there. Glad you guys had fun! Cute pictures =)

    1. Thanks! Oh, the differences in the north/south! I don't know anyone who is really into hockey! Ha!!