Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Emma's words...

Em has been in rare form today. Lord, she is too much! I just had to share some of the funny/ cute things she said today!

Overheard at her t-ball game...

Rashad (teammate): Where's your brother?
Em: I don't have a brother. Wait! Well, Colt is my brother. (pointing) Colt over there.

Awww! They are truly BFFs! 

Later, talking about Ranger game...

Me: Do you want Mommy & Daddy to take you to a Ranger game? Its a ballgame like yours, but really big. Big. Big. Big. Ballgame.
Em: Well... my ballgame IS big.

Yes, you are right, baby girl. 

Since she's been pretty good today and cleaned up her room when I asked, she got to get some toys back that were banished to garage...

Me: Look Em! Here's your baby stroller. Now you and your babies can go for a walk.
Em: No! We not go for walk. We go on adventures.
Me: Adventures??
Em: Yes, adventures. We will go on adventures and cut down trees.

Hmm. Too much Ax Men with Daddy?

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