Monday, May 28, 2012

Cai-Cai Graduates!

I posted Friday about our weekend full of the Alford family. The first in the line-up of festivities was Cailie's graduation from high school!

Walking in!

She's so excited!

During the ceremony, Cawyer gave me a big ol sneer!

Cailie getting her diploma!

The family!

Cailie and the girls!

Cailie and the rest of the Alford family!

 Afterwards, Chris and Evie gave a crawfish boil/ party to celebrate!

Cutting the cake. Em trying to steal some icing.

Libby and Emma

Clinton and James getting ready to pour out the crawfish!

Manly men cook.

And the big pour...

Yummy yum!
Congrats Cailie! We are proud of you AND for you! Love you!

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