Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Em: "I LOVE Dorothy!"

I'm a little behind posting this, but Em's friend Kenlie had her 4th birthday party last weekend!

It was Wizard of Oz themed! And Dorothy was there! Em LOVED it!

Birthday girl, Kenlie!

All the little girls listening to Dorothy tell HER story!

Em kept getting closer...

And closer!

Enjoying their pizza!

Dorothy sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"... Kenlie sang EVERY word with her! So incredibly cute!
Em talked about "Dorothy from Wizard of Boz" for the rest of the day! I finally just had to go get the movie for her! She loves it, though the Wicked Witch scares her a little!

Happy Birthday, Kenlie! We loved your party!


  1. This is Haley's Favorite Movie. She watches it over and over from start to finish. I got it for her because I love it and I was hoping she would. I didn't have much hope that a two year old would love it at her age, but she does!

  2. I'm really surprised Em likes it, too. She's usually scared of EVERYTHING, but she likes the movie anyway... go figure! Ha!