Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bogata Rodeo and Frontier Day

The Bogata Rodeo

The Bogata Rodeo is a big deal around here. The whole town goes crazy, or so it seems. Last night, Clinton and I took Emma to her FIRST Bogata Rodeo. I don't know why I was so excited to take her, well yes I do. I was really excited because the rodeo was always THE event of the summer when I was little. So this year, I got to take my little girl for the first time! It was Pink Night, so I had Emma a pink shirt made just for the event that said "Peace, Love, & Spurs"... it was going to say "Peace, Love, & Cowboys", but Emma's Daddy wouldn't have liked that too much! It was a nice night, not too crowded and not too hot. Emma loved to watch the horses and cows, but when her Aunt Carla tried to get her to ride with her, she clung to her Daddy for dear life! During the Muttin' Bustin', she kept calling out "Sheep, sheep!" She sat with her Memaw for most of the night, but I don't think Memaw really minded all that much. In fact, when we tried to leave early, she wasn't having it. Em wasn't all that interested in the clown, although we thought he was funny. At least, she didn't cry when he made loud noises! When Memaw finally let us go home, Emma was exhausted!

Frontier Day

Emma got to go to Frontier Day for the first time this year, also. She had a big day. She wore a shirt that said "Rootin' Tootin' Turtle Racin' Cowgirl", but she didn't have a turtle for the race. We are apparently not very good turtle hunters or the turtles saw us coming and hid. When we got to the community center, she headed straight for the balloons! Emma watched the turtle races with Kendra and Chance, who is home on leave before being deployed to South America. Then she walked on the bridge with Aunt Evie. She was so intrigued by the water! Emma got to swing for a little bit, but the swing was too short and she could stand up, so it wasn't that much fun! She also walked around with Mamou before watching Evie and I take on Clinton and Cody in the Egg Toss. We didn't last long, I dropped our egg (but as you can see from the picture below, Clinton might have bumped into me...what do you think?). Clinton and Cody were serious about their throwing stance, but they didn't win either!

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