Monday, June 10, 2013

Louisiana Trip June 2013

How you like that clever title? Yeah, I thought so. And if you like that, you're gonna love the detailed post that follows.... ah, no. I'm not doing that. Try this abbreviated version (with pictures of course!)

1. Drove to Baton Rouge Thursday morning.
2. Met up with Aunt Terri & Uncle Mike for dinner. Ate amazing food at George's!

3. Went back to Mike & Terri's to visit and go to bed!
4. Woke up, drove out to Sorrento to visit with Clinton's great uncle Nell. Took him to lunch at the "greasy spoon" as he called it, The Country Kitchen.

5. Uncle Nell told us some old stories and we looked at Clinton's grandparent's first house!

6. We went back to Mike & Terri's, Em and I rested and Clinton left to go to the LSU game. Aunt Terri picked Em and I up, later, and took us to our fave place in Baton Rouge, Fleur De Lis!

7. Back to Terri's for bed! Full and happy!
8. Woke up early to meet Mike & Terri for breakfast at Ambrosia Bakery. No pics, Em was being so cranky so we were busy dealing with that!
9. Drove out to Houmas House, so that Em could see a castle! (Insert lots of pictures here!)

There was a steamboat docked on the other side of the levee!

Ringing the bell with our tour guide, Susan. (Em said she was a princess!)

A women's tub! Eek!

10. We ate lunch at Burnside Cafe on the grounds, then went back to Terri's to rest up for the game!
11. Then it was game time!

Notice how great our seats were!!
Rain delay :(

Tired baby!

Tigers win! Dog-pile!

Victory Lap!

Look how happy Clinton is!
12. We staggered back to Terri's for bed!
13. We got up early Sunday morning to head to New Orleans!
14. Brunch at Mr. B's Bistro! Yummy!

Shrimp and Grits/ BBQ Shrimp!
15. Carriage ride around the French Quarter

Feeding Mike the Mule a carrot!

16. While on the the carriage ride, we saw some festivals going on in the market, so we headed that direction.

I have a picture of me on that same fountain! (Don't know where it is right now or I'd post it!)

Creole Tomato Festival

They had all kind of activities for kids!

While coloring a second line hankie, she was interviewed for the news!
She made it on the news! Just for a split second, but she is there! You can watch it HERE!

17. We wondered over to the Cajun Zydeco Festival.

I LOVE the looks on both of their faces! Ha!
18. We headed back to Jackson Square and checked out St. Louis Cathedral (Em thought it was Cinderella's castle!)

19. We had gelato and beignets before deciding it was time to head home. Em did NOT want to leave!
20. We stopped and picked up boudin in Lafayette and ate seafood at Don's Seafood. Then drove and drove. We ended up stopping in Shreveport to sleep!

It was a fantastic trip!

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