Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

Here I am, again, skipping a post! I have to write about Emma's End of School Party, but the BIG recital was last night! So I just HAVE to get this up!

Talk about nerves! Mine, not Ems, that is. About getting her hair and make-up done! I was a wreck!

Getting ready. She was trying to put on shimmer powder by herself!
We went to the auditorium early for Em to practice a part in the finale number. This is when my nerves REALLY got bad! She was supposed to perform a small part in the Danielle's (her teacher) duet with a man named Jeremy. We had practiced Monday and Wednesday of this week. Well, we went Monday and she freaked out, but danced fine with just Danielle. We went Wednesday and she did great dancing with both, after I bribed her with a movie. BUT last night at the crucial last run through, she freaked smooth out. Full sob. All my hard work with her make-up was GONE! Anyway, we decided that she just wouldn't do it. I was/am very disappointed, but you live and learn. She just wasn't comfortable dancing with Jeremy, though he did try really hard to make her see how nice he was! So we went to the dressing room and got her cleaned up and her make-up reapplied. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty upset, and my patience was VERY short. After getting over that, she was happy and excited to dance her other two dances.

Here she is all made up, with her friend Ellie!
 Finally, it was time for her class to go on stage! All of us moms dropped them in the waiting area and sprinted to our seats!

Getting it!

Getting ready for their big bow!

And bow! That's her with her head down! Ha!

Here is a video of the performance. Please excuse the shakiness! I was trying to video and peek around to watch and kept moving! :/

The video cuts off the end. It doesn't show that way on my end, but something went wrong with the upload to YouTube and I have lost the patience to deal with it! Ugh!

And the big bow!

The Little Dancers came down to sit with the parents. Emma LOVED watching the big girls dance. She is enraptured by it all! Can't wait to see how she will be if she sticks with it!

Since Em is on the new competition team, she didn't get to perform in the next dance with the other Little Dancers, but we filmed it anyway! Clinton tried to focus on Livi, Em's friend, but she was in the back a little. Still really cute!

Next up was the new competition team! This dance was introducing them as a team. They only had ONE practice! I was so nervous that she'd forget some of it, and she did, but that's ok. :)

After Danielle's duet (which was beautiful), it was trophy time!

She had a death grip on that thing! Wouldn't even let anyone see it!
So our first dance performance is over and done! Em is excited to get on stage again!

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